We believe biblical values and teaching are of paramount importance

in life and in ministry. While the little things are important, they shouldn't

keep us from living a life of worship and devotion to Christ


A strong foundation on the word of God is lived out and built up

with strong relationships in our community. This is the heart

behind our NL Groups and service teams. Odds are you'll find

a place to belong here


It is our desire to live out the call of Christ to the fullest extent.

We focus on this through discipleship, preparing people to be

sent out, community outreach, and international connections


To be a spirit-filled, missional community of disciples who

are growing in Christ and reaching the world with the gospel


Biblical (in our outlook)

The Holy Bible is our ultimate authority for truth. We will be in line with Scripture in every aspect of our lives and ministry

Compassionate (in our disposition)

Love awakened by the Holy Spirit which moves us to alleviate the sufferings around us. We will respond with acts of kindness and mercy to those in need

Generous (in our giving)

Generosity simply means to freely give, even above what is required. We will give of our time, spiritual gifts, abilities, and finances to extend Christ's kingdom

Purposeful (in our actions)

We will be deliberate in our decisions and attitudes in order to fulfill God's plans for us

Humble (in our posture)

Our recognition of the supremacy of God is expressed by a voluntary submission and absolute dependence on Him. We will keep an attitude of servanthood towards others

Wholehearted (in our endeavors)

We will bring God our best in all areas of our lives, honoring Him in even the smallest of details